Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

IMSI approaches each client individually. The philosophy of “one size fits all” does not apply when building and branding a website. Each SEO project is geared to the clients’ individual needs. Nobody knows your business better than you. IMSI builds from that knowledge and creates a specialized SEO strategy to fit your needs and maximize your demographic marketing. IMSI utilizes keyword research and analysis, content analysis, website review (codes and structure), site map building, article review, blog review, and full site optimization. Each SEO package is geared to increase rankings and help drive quality traffic to your website.

IMSI values its clients’ products and specialized knowledge. We view each relationship as a collaboration and encourage as much input as possible from our clients in order to ensure a successful website. IMSI believes that each project is unique and we work with every client as a team. IMSI also strongly believes in educating and empowering our clients on the SEO process. We strive to assist them in gaining the tools and independence to maintain and increase their own rankings.

SEO questions you should ask yourself before getting started.

Here are some basic questions each client should ask themselves before embarking on an SEO project. These may seem like relatively basic questions, but the answers can have a profound effect on how your project moves forward.

  1. Where does my site rank today?
  2. Do we reach a target market when using specific search phrases?
  3. How do we rank against competitors?
  4. What does my content say about my company?
  5. Is my website up to date?
  6. How often do you update your website to better inform your target market?
  7. Is my website educational to potential clients when they visit the website?
  8. Do we update our news or blog section frequently or is it years out of date?
  9. Is my website easy to navigate?

IMSI starts on these fundamentals in order to build a strategy. As business models change and productivity increases, it is easy for a company to overlook website updates until it feels their website lags a generation behind.

IMSI is committed to using only ethical SEO strategies that are compliant with search engines guidelines. We refuse to utilize unethical practices to maximize search results.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of gaining traffic from search engines like Bing and Google from free results organically and not from paid results like PPC (Pay Per Click). All major search engines rank web pages based on relevancy of the users search phases. There are many different factors to keep in mind when implementing an SEO strategy. The main idea to remember is “Content is King”. SEO is all about obtaining organic (or free) search results. You cannot purchase high organic rankings from major search engines but you can pay per click.

We only have to implement an SEO one time, right?

No! SEO is forever evolving and your website and SEO efforts need to evolve too. Successful SEO needs to be viewed as a full time job. It is not something you only need to take care of once in order to secure high rankings for life. Search engines are constantly changing to meet the demands for higher quality user experiences as well as technological enhancements searchers use on a daily basis. Just in the last year you can see the demand for more specific and tailored results, not to mention utilizing the mobile market and localization.

SEO is a process that the website owner needs to maintain. Lack of SEO maintenance leads to diminished rankings. SEO takes time and patience. It is not an overnight process. IMSI walks our clients through every step of the process so they have a greater understanding of what is occurring and why.

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