Website Re-Development

Most website re-development projects seem simple enough, right? If the time is not spent to pay attention to details, many costly mistakes can be made especially if the existing website is using out-of-date web technologies. Before deciding on a website development firm, have a clear and definite understanding of the impact the new website will have and the time it will take to bring everything together.

Unlike creating a new website from a blank canvas, an existing website has an established place on the web. Always ensure that all pages are accounted for so as not to interrupt the flow of links coming into the current website. If changes to the structure of the current website during the re-development process are necessary, ensure each page is properly forwarded to the new pages. Interactive Marketing Studios will step you through these vital processes when re-developmenting your current website.

We take pride in educating our clients on all phases and actions taken during the entire website re-development process. We take the time to share the potential risks and successes and make sure the current site does not fall within SEO rankings and IMSI will have your site ready on launch day utilizing the best technology for future growth.

Challenges when re-development a website

There are many challenges when re-developmenting an existing website. Usually during the re-development phase, the structure of the website changes as well. It is vital to make sure you do not have broken links from your eternal website and search engines. One aspect we monitor closely is that each page is properly forwarded to the new web pages should a restructure occur. It takes time for search engines to properly reflect when web pages have moved. Proper forwarding ensures limited issues with broken links.

Updating technology can be an issue as well. For example, if your current website was created a number of years ago using a frames layout, a thorough search engine search is necessary to find exactly which pages were indexed. Although the frames design only shows your home page, the search engines find the individual website pages and indexes them. Another example is if your current website was created using only flash technology. The conversion of a flash website to a search engine friendly technology will have a much more positive impact.

What questions should be asked of your website developer?

There are numerous questions one should ask before tackling a website re-development project. Below are just a few questions you should have answered before re-developmenting your new website:

  1. What are the goals for the website re-development?
  2. What technology will you want to use?
  3. Is mobile design important?
  4. What is the new website structure?
  5. Where do you rank in the search engine?
  6. Do you know how many pages you currently have?
  7. Will the new web pages be the same content under a different name?
  8. How often do you need to update your website?
  9. Will you be using your existing domain name or a new one?

Interactive Marketing Studios can walk you through a smooth website re-development process. It is important to understand that it takes time for search engines to “understand” the new website pages and how the old ones are forwarded. IMSI makes sure that broken links do not exist and that each new webpage or link inside your website is properly forwarded in order to minimize this time lapse by search engines.

Updating your technology?

Giving your old website a makeover is very exciting, but be sure that you have a strategy and goals for your website. Interactive Marketing Studios utilize a teamwork philosophy and requires your input for a successful project. We first examine the current technology being used. The next step is to fully understand and integrate your goals so as to prepare a development strategy to convert the old website to the newest technology while maintaining minimal down time.

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