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Designing and developing a website can be incredibly intimidating for any business that may not have the necessary skills or understanding of the web development process. Websites today are the first appearance a customer sees before calling or visiting a brick and mortar facility. The most important factor to remember when developing a website is that this is your company brand on the internet and must represent how you do business.

Interactive Marketing Studios understands the amount of time it takes to create a specific and powerful brand. We can develop your website to reflect that brand. We treat each client individually as no two clients alike. We also understand that when it comes to your website, we can guide you through the processes, but your involvement in critical during the entire development process. No one knows your business better than you do.

Once we do an analysis of your website needs, the process moves quickly with your involvement. We create a project time line so you understand what we need and when we need it. This timeline ensures we are all on the same page and your website is completed in the time proposed. Although we set a timeline we do understand that it may take more time for each client to gather materials or make decisions. We allow for such instances when creating the time-frame to develop your website.

Defining your Website Goals

Before investing any amount of money or time for a new website, you must determine what realistic goals you wish to accomplish. Building a website is only the beginning of building an online brand. Here are some basic questions a website owner should ask themselves before beginning any website development project. Answers to these questions will help you understand what to expect during the website development process:

  1. What is my website going to be used for?
  2. What goals is my website going to accomplish?
  3. Do you understand your target market?
  4. Will I update my website frequently?
  5. Is my website selling a product or service or for information?
  6. How will I generate traffic to my new website?
  7. Have you looked at your competition?
  8. Do you have a domain name?

How long will it take to develop our new website?

As stated earlier, each client is unique! We do not use a cookie cutter or template approach to website development. The most important factor in any successful website development project is your cooperation. The time it takes to complete the project is directly correlated to the time it takes the client to provide necessary information.

Since each client in unique, so are their websites. Each website has many different factors to take into consideration such as technologies being used and/or the size of the website. An average website with minimal flash development can take approximately three to four weeks to complete. With vigorous client involvement and collaboration, the development time is cut dramatically. Client involvement is critical.

What technologies should we use for our new website?

Researching all the various website technologies offered can be time consuming and confusing, especially if this is your first website. Before any code is written or design work begins, there are a number of questions needing to be answered. First, strategize to answer the questions above. Second, we recommend you perform very basic research on the technologies currently being offered in order to gain basic knowledge. You are not expected to become an expert, but it enhances the educated approach we take with our clients. It gives our clients a glimpse into understanding why we use certain technologies to develop their website and how specific technologies can enhance their website goals.

Answering the questions above assists us in determining what your internet marketing strategy consists of and helps us to choose the most efficient technology. For example, if you require regular updating of the website, we would recommend a CMS (Content Management System). If your site’s purpose it be informative with minimal needed updates, we would suggest a brochure style website. Also, should your website utilize a mobile browser, the site needs to render properly and all features need to be visible so we would strongly recommend not using flash technology.

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