Content Management Systems

CMS or Content Management Systems have given companies the freedom to manage their website’s content without having to employ a dedicated staff person to continually develop new HTML pages on a regular basis. Companies of all sizes can implement a CMS with any budget which can be updated without having to purchase expensive web development programs to keep things current.

IMSI evaluates your website needs to determine if CMS is the perfect fit for your organization. Each company is unique and therefore have different needs based on your target market, staff needs, and customer demographics. One great aspect of using a content management system is that you do not need an enormous amount of technical experience to keep your website content up-to-date on a continual basis. Whether you have a vision for your website or want to start a blog, do not hesitate to give IMSI a call for a free analysis of your website needs.

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

A CMS or Content Management System is a web application that allows non-technical users to take control and add, update, and manage their own websites.

Content management systems allow companies to control their content, images, and basic features without having to purchase website development programs. No matter the size of the business or the products/services offered, a CMS can be the perfect solution to minimize expenses over time while still allowing you and your staff maintenance control of your website.

Questions you need to ask yourself before implementing a CMS

Answering the questions below will offer insight into if a CMS solution is the solution you are looking for:

  1. What are the goals for the website?
  2. Which CMS should we use?
  3. Who will update the new website?
  4. Do you want a blog?
  5. Do you need to update your website frequently?
  6. Is your business local or national?
  7. How do you see the growth of your website today, next year, five years from now?

Is a CMS right for our business?

You know your business the best therefore you are the best candidate to answer this question. Content Management Systems have become easier to use over the years if developed properly. It allows businesses the opportunity to update their content of their website on their own schedule without having to maintain a website developer on staff.

With the latest advancements in CMS technology it is becoming increasingly easier for companies to maintain and update their websites on a more frequent basis. There are a number of great content management systems available with free hosting provider options. Over the next few months we will be evaluating the major CMS technologies in our blog so be sure to check back often.

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