To Blog or not to blog, that is the question?

Recently, we have seen an increase company’s questioning if they should start a blog. Blog content is nothing more than website content – it’s just presented in a more personal manner. It is website content updated on regular basis.

Things you should do on your blog.
Update your blog on a regular and, at a minimum, weekly basis. Be sure to promote your blog through various channels within social media markets such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to draw traffic to your website.

Create quality content that can inform your clients or potential clients about your products and services. Offer free advice. Don’t be afraid to educate your clients in order to maintain industry leadership.

Things you should not do on your blog.
Do not start a blog if you do not have the time or staff to post new articles on a regular basis. The main reason for having a blog is to drive traffic to your website. Blog updates are what keep your clients and potential clients coming back.

Once you start a blog, do not duplicate website content. This has the potential to frustrate customers and be ignored by various search engines. This applies to hosting blogs on other domains. It is strongly encouraged to keep your blog on the same domain as your website.

In the coming weeks, IMSI will present more details regarding blog creation and maintenance.

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